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    How do I register for The Music Run™ and what happens next?

    Registration is completed online via the specific event pages of this website. Registration fees are paid depending on the specific event registration provider and will include all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and in some cases internet bank transfer, direct debit, ATM and cash outlet payment. Once you have been successfully registered you will receive confirmation of your registration and receipt from the registration provider on behalf of The Music Run™.

    I did not receive any email response after registering. Why is this?

    There are a number of possible reasons this may have occurred: 1) your registration wasn’t successful, please try again, 2) there was a typo in your email address during registration so the confirmation email wasn’t sent to the correct email address, or 3) the email was blocked by your email server or has been treated as spam, please adjust your settings.

    If I register with friends, are there any benefits and how does this work?

    The Music Run™ is a non-timed event but we encourage you to register as a group and get your friends and family involved! Each event will vary slightly concerning the type and level of group registration so please check when you go to register for a specific event.

    What’s included with my registration fee?

    Entry into The Music Run™! You will also receive a high quality event t-shirt and an event bag packed with The Music Run™ and sponsor-supplied products! Be sure to check the local event web page for more details.

    Are there refunds?

    Refund policies differ from country to country so please refer to your local event web page FAQs for further details.

    Can I transfer my registration to another person? How do I do this?

    Registration transfer policies differ from country to country so please refer to your local event web page FAQs for further details.

    Is there an Event Pack Collection for the event? How does this work?

    Yes. The exact details of the Event Pack Collection will depend on each city hosting The Music Run™. These details are updated on the specific event pages of this website. They are also in the Event Guide that is emailed to participants and will also be on our Facebook page in the lead up to each event.

    What happens if I can’t personally make it to collect my Event Pack?

    No problem! Each event will have different guidelines surrounding what to do if you’re not able to make it personally to collect your Event Pack. This usually involves passing a friend or family member your Registration Confirmation and ID details but please check the local event web pages for more details for your specific event. 

    Do I need to be a runner or really fit to enter?

    Absolutely not! If you think you can walk, run, crawl or even dance 5km’s then The Music Run™ is for you.

    Is The Music Run™ open to people of all ages? How about children or strollers?

    We welcome people of all ages. Children and little ones in strollers are more than welcome but please be aware that we are a music run and there will be plenty of loud music being played across The Sound Track (run course). All children 5 and under can run with an adult for free. Please ensure you indicate the number of children that will be running with you during the registration process. Proof of age may be requested.

    Is the event timed?

    The Music Run™ is a non-competitive, non-timed event. If you want to time yourself we suggest using your own devices, or enter one of the many competitive running events out there.

    Can we use cameras during the run?

    Of course! We’re all about capturing and sharing great moments with your friends, so bring your cameras, snap away and don’t forget to use the hashtags and upload your pics to social media! Please look after your possessions as we can’t be held responsible for any lost items. Please also note that any unauthorised professional video or photo footage is not permitted without the express permission of the event organisers.

    Can dogs or other pets participate?

    Sorry, no pooches or other pets allowed in the event.

    I know it’s a non-competitive run but is there a finisher medal or certificate? What about other prizes?

    For sure! We all love prizes and there will be plenty given out during the whole event. The exact details of prizes will vary by event and will be announced during the lead up to each event and at the event itself. Likewise finisher medals and certificates will vary by event. Please check the event Facebook and website pages for more details on finisher medals and certificates.

    Can spectators come and join the fun?

    Absolutely! Wherever possible and where The Sound Track (run course) permits, we encourage you to bring your family and friends along to cheer on all the Music Runners. Spectators won't be allowed on The Sound Track during the event and entry into The Music Village will vary by event so please check your local Facebook page.

    What if I’m injured during the event or otherwise unable to finish?

    There are first aid stations located along The Sound Track (run course) and in The Music Village so any injuries should be attended to by the appropriate medical staff. We do not give refunds for non-completion of the run.

    How is the music selected for The Music Run™?

    The music is selected by you! The Music Run™ is the only fun run that gets you involved in selecting the music you want to listen to during the run. There are 5 music zones, each with a different music genre. Each of the 5 music zones will have its own playlist. You can play with the event playlists and listen and vote for your favourite songs. The more a song is voted for and shared on Facebook, the more likely your favourites will make the top 5 playlists for each Music Zone.

    How is the music played along the course?

    The entire 5km course is lined with speakers playing concert quality sound, allowing you to experience music every step of the way while you run with your friends to the rhythm of the beat!

    What happens if the songs I listened to, voted for and shared aren’t played?

    There are 5 songs on each of the 5 music zone playlists – that’s about 10 to 15 minutes of music for each playlist. The music zone playlists will be repeated so depending on how fast you run, walk or dance and where you’re placed in the crowd, you’ll get to listen to the songs being played as you progress through each music zone. After the event the Official Event Playlist will be available via the Event digital music streaming partner.

    Is The Music Run™ a rave event? Is alcohol served?

    No, we’re not a rave event. The Music Run is primarily a late afternoon / early evening event open to people of all ages and fitness levels. We want our participants to have an experience that is safe, sociable, happy and healthy. We have zero tolerance for drug usage at our events. Depending on the city, local legislation or cultural beliefs, alcohol may be available for purchase in The Music Village. Outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the event.

    Is there a party before and after the run?

    It wouldn’t be a music event without a big focus on music! An important part of The Music Run™ is The Music Festival, featuring awesome beats and plenty of music inspired entertainment. The exact details will vary by event but one thing’s for sure, there will be plenty of entertainment before, during and after the run and you’ll have an awesome time listening to music every step of the way!

    Can I dress up as my favourite band or musician?

    Absolutely! We totally encourage people to dress up and get into the spirit of The Music Run™.

    Is The Music Run™ a charity or for-profit event?

    The Music Run™ is a commercial and for-profit enterprise however, we are passionate about supporting causes and charities that we believe in. A portion of participant entry fees is donated to charitable causes both in the city or country where each event is held, as well as a portion being allocated to an organisation called The Purosangue Project which is the global cause supported by The Music Run™.

    I’m keen to be involved as a Volunteer ‘Roadie’, how can I do this?

    In true music fashion, we call our volunteers ‘Roadies’. The Music Run™ Roadies are the backbone of every event and we encourage those who don't want to enter The Music Run™ but still want to be involved as a Roadie to get in touch via the Volunteer Roadie section of the relevant event page on this website. Alternatively, please fill out the contact form and we’ll do our best to assist you.

    What if I have a question that isn’t covered here?

    Please fill out the contact form and we’ll do our best to assist you.