We’re passionate about supporting causes and charities that we believe in.

A portion of participant entry fees is donated to charitable causes both in the city or country where each event is held, as well as a portion being allocated to The Purosangue Project which is the global cause supported by The Music Run™. A not-for-profit organization, the main objective of The Purosangue Project is to spread a culture of NO DOPING in sport globally. To spread this message, 

The Purosangue Project presents an opportunity for underprivileged young athletes to become champions in sport and in life, relying on strength, persistence and the desire to achieve great goals without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. A portion of entry fees from The Music Run™ goes to support the development of coaching, education and healthcare facilities in Africa. The Purosangue Training Camp is a totally eco-sustainable facility where aspiring young athletes can achieve their dreams. Click the logo to learn more.